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David Shephard is a Virginia conservative blogger and author of \”Elections Have Consequences: A Cautionary Tale, \” a Roman a-clef novel based on Virginia politics.

Youngkin Criticizes Democrats, Now Job Creating Caps and Wizards Arena Deal on Hold

Youngkin Gives Spot on Campaign Speech, Virginia Democrats Get Mad

It’s an election year and Governor Youngkin or any Governor for that matter should be able, indeed expected, to go out and give a few rousing, red meat filled campaign speeches. But Democrats here in Virginia, are very sensitive. Seems they don’t like criticism. They believe in Democracy, so they say, just not the Republicans taking an active part. Ah, just think how great Democracy would be if Republicans refrained from campaigning. Democracy would be safe!

On Saturday at Washington and Lee University Governor Youngkin spoke to their quadrennial mock convention. It’s a tradition dating back to 1908. The party out of power (out of the White House) nominates a candidate for President. No doubt great fun and a learning experience. I wish my alma mater, George Mason University, had such an event.

In his speech Youngkin criticized Biden for his lack of leadership. Noted that last mock convention Democrats nominated Bernie Sanders. Youngkin said that Sanders wouldn’t have been any worse than Biden.

Youngkin also took a shot (actually hit the bullseye) at the opposite party:

“Democrats today do not believe in — nor do they want — a strong America, an America with no rivals; they are content to concede, to compromise away, to abandon the very foundations that made America exceptional.”

He is correct, indeed summed it up perfectly. Democrats believe in social justice, and that requires equality. To the American left all people must be equal, and all nations as well. None are better then another, so there can’t be an exceptional country.

And considering that America was founded by racists and has a long history of genocide, oppression, imperialism, islamophobia, homophobia, and now we are discovering the tragic fact that our beloved country is transphobic as well, it may be best, (in the minds of the social justice warriors) that America is not on an equal footing with the rest of the world.

If anything, Youngkin was extending the benefit of the doubt to Democrats in assuming that they believe that America should be equal with the other countries. Youngkin is far more generous than I am.

Well, Democrat state senator Louise Lucus, chairwoman of Finance committee was apparently so offended she is putting a hold on the Governor’s job creating arena deal. A deal to move the Wizards and the Capitals to Virginia. I would point out that Youngkin didn’t mention the arena deal in his political speech on Saturday. But I guess that is irrelevant to Lucus.

Louise Lucus is easily offended. In 2022, Youngkin confused Lucus with another state senator, Mamie Locke. In fairness, just about the only ones in Virginia who would not confuse Locke for Lucas would be their constituents. Anyway, the Media made a big deal about it. Now Lucus is offend by Youngkin’s speech.

Democrat’s press man, with the Times Dispatch, Jeff Schapiro took to Twitter (I still call it Twitter) to blame Youngkin for the apparent collapse of the arena deal, saying that it was a natural response to the governors “Shrill attack on Democrats.”

Democrat Sen. Scott Surovell described Gov. Glenn Youngkin speech as \”highly partisan \” Again, it is an election year. And it’s taking place at a mock convention. The event is partisan. How could anyone give a bipartisan speech at a political convention?

If Democrats believe in Democracy like they say that they do, then they should understand and tolerate “Shrill attacks” especially at a political convention. And oh, by the way speaking of shrill attacks Biden campaigned against Youngkin in 2021, telling a crowd, that he is an “extremist in a fleece vest.” Over the top? Shrill? They were fine with it.

And last month Biden implied that Youngkin wasn’t the real Governor of Virginia. At the time hacks like Schapiro simply wrote it off as a joke, but after Biden’s disastrous press conference last week one has to wonder if Biden is so mentally gone that he doesn’t even know who the governor of Virginia is. At this point Biden may think the Governor is Chuck Robb. It sort of makes sense, if Joe Biden believes that Helmut Kohl is the Chancellor of Germany and Francois Mitterrand is President of France then sure Chuck Robb is Governor of Virginia.

It may be that Democrats, who are in the majority of both Houses of the legislature believe that while the General Assembly is in session Youngkin should refrain from politics. Such a desire is undemocratic, especially in an election year.

Throughout his stellar business career Youngkin dealt with intelligent, reasonable, accomplished people. Now he has to deal with Richmond Democrats, and hacks like Jeff Schapiro. Wow, what a step down.

David Shephard is the author of ‘\’Elections Have Consequences; A Cautionary Tale.\”

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