US Needs Strong \”China-Wary\” Foreign Policy

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Governor Bob Ehrlich, Maryland 2002 -2006

In 2016, Vladimir Putin’s operatives purchased Facebook ads designed to exploit race and class divisions within American culture.

While most (but not all) of the ads supported candidate Trump, the Russians also contributed to the so-called dirty dossier — that packet of unverified Trump-related allegations pieced together by Christopher Steele on behalf of Fusion GPS.

Putin’s intelligence agencies also waged cyberattacks against the Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee and congressional campaign accounts. Fortunately, there is no evidence actual votes or election results were compromised in any way.

Now fast forward to the present.

A mischievous but economically weak Russia, buffeted by a beaten-down energy sector, rampant corruption and slow growth, will no doubt engage in similar activities in the lead-up to the 2020 election. It’s what ex-KGB operatives do. <read more>

Governor Bob Ehrlich is a member of the Montgomery County Republican Club Advisory Board.

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