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Bob Ehrlich

Board Member

As governor, Ehrlich improved Maryland’s fiscal condition by turning $4 billion in inherited budget deficits into $2.3 billion in surpluses. His pro-growth economic policies helped create 100,000 new private-sector jobs. He was an advocate for Maryland’s world-renowned technology economy, enacting policies that positioned Maryland as a national leader in education, biotechnology, health care, and minority business advancement.

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The Sky is Blue – Believe It

A long simmering pot of righteous indignation is breaking out as America’s silent majority reaches a cultural inflection point. The result is a multi-front (figurative) call to arms in response to woke culture writ large. In other words, it’s time to reconnect with objective truth – with what’s r-e-a-l, before surreal carries us away.

Getting back on track will not be easy. It means rejecting recently ingrained false narratives. It means no longer caring about what the cool kids in Hollywood and Broadway and Wall Street would have us believe. It means honoring the objective facts that woke demands we ignore.

To wit: we are supposed to believe that eight million migrants posting at our southern border constitutes “normal” — that child sex trafficking is an invented narrative of some group calling themselves QAnon — that babies are born either “oppressor” or “oppressed” — that Asian kids are not discriminated against at our most competitive colleges — that school boards pre-empt parental rights — that politicians know more than scientists about climate – that equality (and math) is racist – that it’s okay for six-year-olds to be shown graphic sex – that biological men don’t have a physical advantage over women in athletic contests — and that investor fiduciary duty is somehow dependent on the politics of climate. Note that this is by no means an exhaustive list.

Fortunately for us, a few champions have emerged. Former President Donald Trump awakened America to the existential threat that is the Chinese Communist Party. Gov. Ron DeSantis confronted progressive indoctrination in higher education and won. Riley Gaines and Martina Navratilova became champions on behalf of biological women in sports.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has morphed into an eloquent spokesman for the First Amendment. Actors Mira Sorvino and Jim Caviezel overcame Hollywood’s inexplicable indifference to an exposé about human trafficking. A highly decorated Marine Lieutenant Colonel (Stuart Scheller) demanded accountability from the Pentagon after our disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal (and was immediately relieved of his command).

Thousands of just regular ol’ parents have showed up to school board meetings around the country to chant, “We’re angry and we’re not gonna take it anymore.” And – more recently – singer Jason Aldean assured Antifa types that their riotous act would not be welcome in his small town.

In response, the perpetually offended cancel crowd immediately went to work to ensure these violators paid a price for speaking truth to woke. All the better to discourage inconvenient opinion from emerging in the future.

Accordingly, some have lost their jobs, some lost money and some (many) suffered reputational damage. Indeed, taking on today’s left is no bargain; those who engage will almost assuredly suffer some degree of hurt.

But there is a new spirit (stirred by that pot full of righteous indignation) spreading throughout flyover country. he people have had enough; they now demand common sense make its long overdue comeback. For context, check out how the President’s various disinformation operations are being dismantled by conservative pundits and judges — and Mr. Aldean’s elevated position at the very top of the charts.

There could be no better time for such revival than the first Tuesday of November 2024.

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