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Kendel Ehrlich


Kendel Sibiski Ehrlich, the former Deputy Director of the President\’s Office of National Drug Control Policy, former Director of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering, and Trafficing (SMART), and Acting Deputy Director of The Bureau of Justice Assistance. She is also a former public defender, drug court prosecutor, and corporate attorney.

The New Face Of Feminism Is Conservative

The new face of feminism is conservative.

How do I know?  Not ONE democratic congresswoman voted for the Congressional H.R 734 “Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act of 2023.” (The vote was straight down party lines with all 219 Republicans voting for the bill.) Think about that! How could any elected woman not vote to support, in essence, an amendment to Tile IX, the wildly successful law enacted by Congress 50 years ago that transformed women’s athletics at all levels of competition? The amendment states, “sex shall be recognized based solely on a person’s reproductive biology and genetics at birth.”

It is hard to believe that in 2023 there is controversy about the definition of one’s sex. Confusion about the scientific definition of sex reflects a society with an abundance of mental health issues or just too much privilege and time on its hands. Dress however you want, identify however, but Title IX was in part enacted to provide equal opportunity for female competition, which in effect provided some safeguards from injury. (RELATED: KENDEL EHRLICH: The Government Is Totally Botching Its Most Important Job)

So, where are the likes of Gloria Steinem, the bra-burning leader of the feminist/sexual revolution in the late 60’s and early 70’s? Where is Hillary, the women of the View, and The “Squad”? Nowhere to be found.  Those of us who have been paying attention know the hypocrisy of the feminist left. Their religion is not so much women’s rights as “Democrat.” They never support or have a kind word for Republican women, especially those who have dedicated themselves to their families and communities.

Today, however, we find Riley Gaines and Sarah Huckabee Sanders leading the charge to protect women’s rights.  Sarah ran for governor of Arkansas, so she asked for the responsibility; but Riley Gaines became the new face of feminism because she faced an injustice she never dreamed of.  As a young girl/woman, she put in hundreds of hours of practice swimming against other women, working to achieve ribbons and medals while competing against other females.  And then it all changed:  Riley was forced to swim against a biological male. 

How did this happen? How could the NCAA sanction such unfair competition?   It made no sense. Yet, the NCAA did nothing except encourage competitors to keep their mouths shut! This is akin to encouraging domestic violence victims NOT to testify.

It seems that each week brings a new, shocking story about a transgender male competing and winning in women’s sports.  One of latest horror stories is about a biological male playing field hockey at a high school in Massachusetts.  He flung the ball in the air so hard it knocked the teeth out of an opposing female player. (RELATED: BOB EHRLICH: The Sky Is Blue — Believe It)

And now there is a new twist to the horror. A transgender male soccer player threatens to sue rivals for discrimination because the opponent/girls refuse to participate in games against the biological male. Note: one girl has already suffered a broken knee while attempting to block the biological male’s shot.  So where are the parents of these transgender males competing against women?  Are they celebrating their son’s achievements, clapping loudly at the medal ceremonies? Do these parents have daughters who are athletes? Please, SOMEONE make this stop!

Today, Riley tours the country speaking to organizations, campuses (that don’t cancel her), and association meetings that understand the significance in protecting the “woman” part of women’s sports.  Thank you. As for Governor Sanders, she signed an executive order eliminating “woke” language from state documents that attempts to eradicate biological differences.  For example, in Arkansas, the terms, “pregnant people,” “birth giver” and “laboring person” will not appear in state documents. The Governor called those terms “nonsense.” Per “Concerned Women for America, Legislative Action Committee,” 21 states have enacted laws to protect female athletes from unfair competition in sports.  This list includes Arkansas, signed by Governor Sanders’ predecessor, Governor Hutchinson. Let’s keep it going.

These are the new faces of feminism: women who actually support women.  Who would have thunk!

Kendel Ehrlich is the former First Lady of Maryland, a former prosecutor, former Deputy Director of ONDCP, former Director of SMART and former Acting Director of BJA.

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