the Grand Old Party (GOP)

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the Grand Old Party (GOP)

I have been reading a lot of posts on Facebook, Twitter and alternative social media platforms about how all is lost.  The Republican Party is fractured and will never be whole again.  I have even seen Republicans wanting to start a new third party.  With great respect, I point them to the comments by President Reagan said, \”…New First Part raising a banner of Bold colors, no pale pastels…\”.

Many have written the obituaries for the GOP.  Examples include the 1974 election of the post-Watergate Congress, the 2006 elections that swept in Nancy Pelosi, and the Democrats who caused implosion of the \”Housing Bubble\”. In Maryland, many of us remember that after the 2010 midterm elections, the late State Senator Mike Miller boasted about putting the MDGOP 8 feet under.  Pundits said it would be 40 years before Maryland elects another Republican Governor.  After Mitt Romney\’s loss in 2012, it did look that way.  However, he was wrong, as we elected Larry Hogan Governor in 2014, President Trump in 2016, and controlled the Senate and House until 2018.

I know it looks gloomy with Big Tech\’s censorship of free speech, Democrats winning both run-off races in Georgia, the Biden-Sanders-Harris Manifesto of the Green New Deal, Statehood for DC and Puerto Rico, packing the Supreme Court, and every other wackadoodle socialist program under the sun in reach for them.  With all that said, we are the Republican Party, the party of success and forward thinking, and the party of new ideas.   The last time the Democrats had a new idea was FDR\’s New Deal, which was a retread of Wilsonian failed economic policies of the 1910\’s.  It was the Republican Party that supported the Suffragette movement.  It was the Republican Party that championed Civil Rights Legislation.  And it was the Republican Party that spoke out on the ills of slavery, while Democrats were simply fine with the existence of slavery…

I remember when there were only three networks on TV, and handful of major newspapers that were all run by crazy liberals.  Yet Republicans still got their message out and won elections.  President Eisenhower, President Nixon, President Reagan, President George H.W. Bush won in landslides despite Liberal media\’s hold on information. That did not happen by accident.  We are the party that works smarter than the Democrats, and we are sharper than the Democrats.

The Democrats think the GOP is fractured and is on the cusp of death. They are clearly wrong, as these are the same people who said America\’s better days are behind us, and we can only manage the decline.  Are you going to believe these people who have never been right about anything?  We need a vibrant energized Republican Party, and I feel we have mourned the November Election results long enough.  It\’s time for us to get on our feet, suck it up, and work towards winning in 2022 (or if you live in Virginia it\’s 2021).  We will take back the Senate and House because trust me, the Democrats will overreach.  They can\’t ignore the will of 75 Million Americans who reject their whack-a-doodle world view.

  1. Get involved with your local Republican Clubs.
  2. Run for office in 2022.
  3. If you don\’t run, find a candidate you believe in and work on their campaign.
  4. Hold the Democrats accountable by making your voices heard (like you did in 2009).
  5. Get to know your local officials\’ Democrats and Republicans.
  6. Step out of your comfort zone.

We lost a battle, not the war, so don\’t listen to the negative nellies who just complain about how everything sucks.  That was a suitable answer for November 4, 2020, not for January 2021.  It\’s a New Year, and it\’s time to get to work to rebuild the Grand Old Party.  YOU, the hard-working volunteers, put the \”Grand\” in Grand Old Party; without you, it\’s just \”Old Party\”.

Remember, change starts with YOU!

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