The Election Effect Part 1

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The Election Effect Part 1

How Electing a US President Sent the World into Chaos

Who would of thought that an American Election in 2020 would have huge ramifications around the world?

In November of that year, by some miraculous creative vote tallying, Joe Biden somehow became President. The sad thing is that he has only been President for a little more than one year, yet his impact on us for the worse has been felt in every corner of the world. From protecting the southern border to Ukraine.  There has not been one success in foreign policy to point to.

It all started on a cold January 20, 2021 afternoon when \”His Fraudulency\” undid all of President Trump\’s border policies. He whipped out fracking, drilling, and the Keystone Pipeline. If that wasn\’t bad enough, he got us back in the Iranian nuclear deal, rejoined the Paris Agreement on climate change, reversed the Muslim Ban from states that sponsor terrorism, stopped the border wall construction, and repealed President Trump\’s Interior Enforcement Executive Order which allowed law enforcement to go after illegal aliens.

Foreign Policy

And nobody will ever forget the botched Afghanistan withdrawal move. Afghanistan was the first domino to fall, in the long list of failures in foreign policy.

It doesn\’t matter if someone, if anyone, told the president a hasty pullout was a good idea – the Biden administration\’s failed strategy that led to abandoning Afghanistan only emboldens terrorists around the globe. The move left the U.S. exposed to the threat of terrorism, abandoned our NATO allies (who the president did not contact for days after Kabul fell), and left other allies exposed. India now faces a significant threat of terrorism from the region.  I think many experts would agree the pullout of Saigon was handled better than Biden\’s Afghanistan withdrawal.

Biden gave the green light to Nord Stream 2 which is why Putin is planning his invasion of Ukraine.  Trump administration supported policies to block completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in Europe. The Trump administration\’s swift implementation of congressional sanctions in 2019 actually halted all deep-sea pipe laying operations for more than a year; they only resumed on January 24, after President Biden took office. The Biden administration reversed its predecessor\’s decisions and ignored the concerns of the European Parliament, which passed a resolution in January calling for an immediate halt on construction. The president essentially blessed completion of the pipeline in an agreement with Germany in July.

Biden\’s failed strategy ignores many of America\’s longtime allies and partners in the region. The pipeline makes Western Europe more reliant on Russian gas. Ukraine, which used to be a major energy transit state, will become less secure as the pipeline replaces the capacity that used to run through its pipeline networks. It will free Russia to continue its coercive campaign and occupation of Ukrainian territory and to threaten other bordering states without their energy markets playing into the decisions. Some experts believe that, by artificially increasing the price of gas by cutting the supply to Europe, Russia is using the energy crisis in Europe as a way to bully the Europeans into certifying the pipeline. The Biden administration contributed to this crisis by waiving sanctions under the Countering America\’s Adversaries through Sanctions Act and the Protecting Europe\’s Energy Security Act.

The result of Nord Stream 2 is clear: we sit upon the cusp of a Russian Invasion of Ukraine.

Over in Asian, the PRC is threatening their neighbors with intimidation tactics, and nowhere is Xi intimidation felt more so than with good people of Free China, Taiwan. While we are cutting our defense budget with a meat cleaver, the PRC is increasing the military budget exponentially. When the White House released its budget, military commanders submitted a list of programs that they say are needed, but not funded. In marking up the defense authorization bill, SASC overwhelmingly adopted an amendment that added $25 billion to the defense budget to meet the needs of commanders in the field.

And Joe Biden is hellbent on rejoining the Iranian Nuclear Deal. This was horrible when Barack Hussain Obama signed on to it and sent pallets of cash to Tehran. Lifting sanctions on Iran has strengthened the hand of the hard-liners in the Iranian Government (then again, there are no Moderates in the Government at all to speak of). While news on negotiations is sparse, news of violations and disturbing developments in Tehran\’s nuclear program are not. Iran continues to install and research new centrifuge technology while building its stockpiles of 60% enriched uranium.

In short, Biden\’s foreign policy plan has been to abandon our allies and has taken us back to the failed policies of Jimmy Carter, who made America a laughing stock on the world stage.

Domestic Failures

Domestic policy has been even a bigger failure if it\’s even possible. With supply chain shortages, the supermarket shelves are mostly empty, and look like mid 1980s Soviet supermarkets. Inflation is sky-high, and can\’t buy a new car if you want.  I have personally been waiting over a year (and will be waiting another year) to take delivery of my GMC EV Hummer.  But of course, it\’s not all about me.

Small businesses are finding it next to impossible to fill vacancies despite a Government mandate in many jurisdictions for a $15.00 per hour minimum wage.  And here is some more staggering data:

  • The U.S. economy added 210,000 jobs in November, missing the expected 573,000 new jobs.
  • Motor vehicles and parts manufacturing LOST 10,000 jobs.
  • General merchandise stores LOST 20,000 jobs.
  • Clothing and clothing accessories stores LOST 18,000 jobs.
  • Sporting goods, hobby, book, and music stores LOST 9,000 jobs.
  • The Labor Force Participation Rates decreased for the following demographics:
    • Black Workers
    • Black Women
    • Asian Workers
    • Hispanic and Latino teenagers
    • Those with less than a high school diploma
    • Those with some college
  • Inflation is taxation and it has gone up every month of Joe Biden\’s presidency.
  • In October, the CPI increased by 0.9% to 6.2%, a 30-year record high.
  • Americans are paying more for just about everything because of inflation.
  • Real wages have decreased under Biden 7 out of 9 months since his first full month in office.


When Biden took the oval office, he had 3 Covid 19 Vaccines in development from President Trump\’s Operation Warp Speed.  And so one could wonder: how can he come in and botch the Covid crisis?  Well, ol\’ Joe was able to muff up Covid response starting from his naked power grab of putting people in masks and listening to the WHO (and I don\’t mean the great rock band from 70s).

In some parts of the country, we are paying more than double at the gas pumps as we did when President Trump was in the White House. The National Average for the price of gas is around $3.59 per gallon. With war looming in Ukraine, expect the number to tick up to north of $4.50 by late spring/early summer this year.

All of this could have been avoided if people would of just voted for President Trump.  As we can see, elections can have consequences.


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