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The real fight begins TODAY. Let\’s gear up. We\’ve got work to do.

If we don\’t fight, we will lose. It\’s that simple. We must hold election officials\’ feet to the fire, and we must do it NOW.

We must #StopTheSteal.

Early Tuesday night, President Trump was outperforming predictions nationwide. In an unprecedented move, election officials in crucial battleground states like Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania inappropriately stopped counting votes late Tuesday night. The count was also stopped in cities including Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Milwaukee.
Pollsters, pundits, media outlets, and Big Tech colluded to send the false message, despite hard data to the contrary, Trump had no chance to win. They wanted Americans to believe it was over.
They lied. Here\’s the truth:
• Republicans gained House seats
• Republicans are likely to hold the Senate
• President Trump outperformed predictions across the board

In short, there was and is no blue wave.

Follow us closely on social media for specific instructions on what to do to keep it that way.

Stick close. Together, we will #StopTheSteal.

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