Stop the Gas Tax

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Stop the Gas Tax

Next week, the Gas Tax will go back into effect, and the price you pay at the pump will increase by at least 36 cents/gallon (even more for diesel).

Unless you want to pay more than $4 for a gallon of gas, you need to take action Tomorrow, April 11. Tomorrow (Monday) is the last day of the Legislative Session – it will be the Last Chance our lawmakers have to Extend the Gas Tax Holiday.

Unless you want gas prices to increase by at least 36 cents per gallon, I encourage you to call and email both your State Delegate and State Senator Tomorrow Morning and urge them to take immediate action to extend the suspension of the gas tax.

Using the link below, you can find out who represents you in Annapolis. Please consider reaching out to your State Delegate and State Senator; if you want them to take action, they need to hear from you!


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