Stop the Biden Agenda

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Stop the Biden Agenda

We strongly encourage our members to visit the Stop the Biden Agenda website.  The URL is

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are attempting to fundamentally change the United States of America.

Biden and Harris have vowed to implement the most progressive agenda in history.

Call it what you want – progressive, radical, or socialist – it all means the same thing: far less freedom for hardworking patriotic Americans.

The radical Biden-Harris agenda must be refuted, refused, and resisted – at every turn.

A coalition of freedom-loving Americans must join together to defeat the radical Left\’s dangerous agenda for America.

Individual liberty must be defended. The Constitution must be protected.

In 2026, The United States of America will celebrate its 250th anniversary – our sestercentennial- and we must dedicate ourselves to celebrating that milestone as a free nation, under God.

  • If you cherish the Bill of Rights, join us.
  • If you support the police, join us.
  • If you are proud of American history, join us.
  • If you believe in pro-growth economic policies and free-market capitalism, join us.
  • If you rely on private health insurance, join us.
  • If you stand with the rule of law, join us.
  • If you understand the importance of having the strongest military on Earth, join us.
  • If you believe in putting America first, join us.

Stand up and stop the radical Biden-Harris agenda at every turn.

Reject! Refuse! Resist!

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Stop the Biden Agenda

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