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The bill is SB-1. Democrats pre-filed this bill on August 16, 2022. The Bill is now sitting in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. This bill essentially negates the ability of any law-abiding citizen to carry a concealed weapon in Maryland – even if they have a carry permit. Under this legislation, you could not carry your gun anywhere in Maryland.

William C. Smith, Jr., Chair Montgomery County
P: (410) 841-3634/ (301) 858-3634 Democrat

Jeff Waldstreicher, Vice Chair Montgomery County
P: (410) 841-3137/ (301) 858-3137 Democrat

Jill P. Carter Baltimore City
P: (410)m 841-3697/ (301) 858-3697 Democrat

Susan C. Lee Montgomery County
(410) 841-3124/ (301) 858-3424 Democrat

Anthony Muse
Prince George’s County
Phone 410-841-3565 | 410-858-3565 Democrat

Charles E Sydnor Baltimore City
Phone 410-841-3612 | 301-858-3612 Democrat

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