Republicans Want To Pass An Infrastructure Bill. Democrats Want To Pass An “Infrastructure” Bill.

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There’s an important difference in the kind of infrastructure projects that Republicans support and the kind of “infrastructure” projects that Democrats support.

Republicans recognize the importance of providing funding for things like roads, bridges, highways, waterways, ports, airports, and for rural broadband.

Unfortunately, Democrats “infrastructure” plan focuses less on those common-sense projects, and more on enacting Green New Deal-style programs, offering giveaways to their political allies, and implementing dangerous tax hikes that will hurt the middle class and destroy jobs.

For Republicans, it’s about passing legislation that will strengthen our nation’s infrastructure. Democrats want to use the word “infrastructure” as a guise to push their dangerous policy agenda while claiming that everything is “infrastructure.”

If Democrats were willing to put that dangerous agenda aside and work to compromise on the things that both parties agree we need, there could be a bipartisan bill. 

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