Recount Observers Needed

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Recount Observers Needed

First off, a heart felt thank you to each of you for not giving up – and for wanting to be involved, to help out in any way possible.  For those of you who have time, and can do so, if you look at the picture above, please consider being a recount observer.  They are needed, especially in Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.  I have been in touch with Tim Griffin of the Bedford County GOP (current Chair of Bedford County), and he has been in Michigan since before the election, knowing what the Democrats are trying to do.  Tim believes that Michigan can be overturned, but he needs help.  If this is something you can do, please consider doing so.

On the same subject, members of the 6th Congressional District Committee have organized a Trump Rally in the Valley – this will be held at the Staunton Mall, Saturday the 14th start time will be 3 PM.  Among the featured speakers are:

Congressman Ben Cline (hopeful)
Delegate John Avoli
Delegate Ronnie Campbell
Yours truly
Augusta County GOP Chairman Dave Bourne
Augusta GOP Women\’s Club Chair Anne Seaton
Former 6th Congressional District Chair Jennifer Brown
2a Activist Jim Wood
Rockbridge/Lexington/Buena Vista GOP Chair Doug Smith
GOP Activist John Darby
Central Region Vice Chair Dwight Williams

The Shenandoah County Republican Party is also having a Trump rally on the 14th, details to follow.

Contrary to what the Lamestream media wants you to think, this is not over.  One media outlet has called North Carolina for Trump.  Georgia and Arizona are too close to call.  And if I were the State of Pennsylvania, I\’d be very worried about what the Supreme Court will do, as the State of Pa has clearly violated the 14th Amendment and their own state constitution when it comes to mail in voting and when ballots can be turned in by.

Will this effort be difficult?  The honest answer is yes.  But it can be done.  And it must be done.  The alternative of having another 4 years of Obama/Biden/Biden/Obama is too hard to contemplate.

I was on a conference call with Rich Anderson of RPV and the State Central Committee, along with each of the 133 Unit Chairs in Virginia.  In CD 7, Nick Freitas\’ race is IMHO too close to call (even though the Associated Press called the race for Spanberger), and the Freitas campaign is considering whether or not to call for a recount.  My personal opinion is that – given the fact that a thumb drive miraculously showed up with an additional 14,416 votes for Abigail Spanberger (something which does not pass the smell test), that the Freitas campaign should take this to court.  At the end of the day, this is up to Team Freitas.  I have reached out to his campaign and asked them to press for a recall.

For those of you who are old enough to remember, in the year 2000, when Al Gore was behind by a few hundred votes in Florida, we kept hearing the Lamestream Media say that all the votes need to be counted, and that everyone should be patient and let the process play itself out.  Now these same \”intellectually honest\” people are saying that this race is over – and that Trump should do the honorable thing and concede.  I say ABSOLUTELY NOT!  LET\’S FIGHT THIS OUT IN COURT!  LET\’S PROTEST!

People often ask me who inspires me.  I tell them the honest truth, that I get my inspiration from each of you, who want to be involved, who have organized rallies, who have donated money to the cause of Liberty, who have made phone calls or knocked doors.  You who have written Letters to the Editor, or attended events for the cause of Liberty.  I draw my inspiration from each of you.  Whatever may happen in the future is in God\’s hands, and in the hands of the Judicial system.  But when I get tired, I read your emails – and remember that we must succeed.  Your kind words mean more to me than you can ever know.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart to each of you for all the hard work you are doing, and are going to do.  It is only with your help that we will take back Virginia!

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