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Off and Running!!!

Candidates, if you haven’t filed yet, the filing deadline in Maryland is February 27, 2018 at 9 p.m. if you’re planning to run for office in November 2018.  You can get started by going to the MD Board of Elections to begin your paperwork.

For those of you who have already filed, here’s what you need to be working on:


Start planning your announcement. This isn’t a fundraiser. It is a message to let everyone, including the media, know that you are running for office.  Here’s what you should have on hand for your announcement:

  • Palm Cards
  • Virtual and hard copies of your Media Kit
  • Media Kit should include
  • Issues (pick no more than 3)
  • Professional bio that includes hobbies and interests
  • Good professional quality photograph
  • Position papers (on your 3 Issues)
  • Have bumper stickers and a roll of lapel stickers on hand also

At your announcement event, make sure you have two reliable people who will work the front table, taking down the names and emails of everyone who attends. You can either have a form for them to fill out, or if you are using Digital Toolkit, someone can enter the information for you into Nation Builder.

Fundraising List

Start compiling your fundraising list, starting with your Facebook and Twitter followers. Then if you do Christmas cards, add those names to your list for your first fundraising mailer.  Remember, these contacts for the most part, will be friends and family.  Ask for money and a few referrals, since good referrals are a reliable source of cash.  For more information on fundraising, read Developing Your First Donor File.  The overall message of this article is, go out ask for money and don’t get discouraged when people say no. Just keep in mind that if you don’t ask, you won’t get.  Many people who become regular donors will only give when they are asked.

Press Contacts

Start developing a media contact list. The best way to do this is to go to a press organization website, find the reporter who covers local politics and add him/her to your press contacts. Also, reach out by giving that person a call to invite him/her to your campaign announcement event.

Some Relevant Articles

Some Reliable Vendors & Help

  • PrintRon – 8906 Clement Ave | Parkville | MD 21234 | Phone: (410) 668-7660 ASK For Al Mendelsohn (for Direct Mail, Palm Cards, Yard Signs Tee Shirts and anything else you need printed)
  • Digital Toolkit Information: MDGOP
  • Political Architects –

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