Oct. 13, 2021 – Direct Line w/REBEKAH KOFFLER

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REBEKAH KOFFLER is a Russian-born former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officer and intelligence expert on Russian affairs. Working with the DIA and CIA\’s National Clandestine Service, she has led \”red\” teams during wargames and briefed the Pentagon, the White House, and NATO on Russian Doctrine & Strategy. U.S. military commanders have called her a \”national asset,\” and she received the National Intelligence Professional Award.

Rebekah\’s conservative, pro-America views were formed as a result of her experience growing up under the totalitarian socialist regime of the Soviet Union. Rebekah strongly believes that capitalism, however imperfect, is superior to the soul-crushing, oppressive, poverty-inducing socialist system of state control. It is for this reason that Rebekah is dedicating her post-public service career to the fight for freedom, individual rights, and holding government establishment apparatchiks to account. Protecting America from sliding toward dehumanizing socialism and its next phase, communism, while describing the threat posed to the United States by Russia, is Rebekah\’s current mission.

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