NYPD’s Handling of Last Summer’s Riots

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critical of the NYPD\’s handling of last summer\’s riots

The report critical of the NYPD\’s handling of last summer\’s riots and demonstrations which has just been issued by NYC\’s Dept. of Investigations is misguided and a surrender to political correctness. The report accuses the NYPD of \”excessive enforcement\” and failing to \”de-escalate tensions.\” It also claims most of the demonstrators were \”peaceful.\” This is a shameful rewriting of history. It glosses over the rioters and demonstrators who assaulted cops with bricks, rocks and Molotov cocktails; who destroyed store windows and vandalized and looted stores and shops throughout Midtown Manhattan; who attacked ambulances attempting to bring severely wounded cops to emergency rooms; who vandalized St. Patrick\’s Cathedral and attempted to burn down Macy\’s; and attacked Police Precincts. Nowhere does the report acknowledge that the NYPD has saved thousands of African-American lives over the past 25 years and that the facts and statistics disprove allegations of racist policies by the NYPD. Nowhere does it criticize the elected officials who said they were \”proud to stand\” with these protesters. If NYC is to survive, these progressive platitudes must be rejected. It is time to stand with the Men and Women in Blue.

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