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Did you know the Montgomery County Republican Club has its own YouTube Channel?  No, well you can find it by going to

Once you get there you will be able to watch all of the past Direct Line shows as well as Virtual Trump Thursday events.  Once you are on the page also SMASH the subscribe button to get notifications to when new Direct Line shows are uploaded.  You can also watch Direct Line Live every Wednesday from 7:30 pm – 8:15 pm.    We cover a whole host of issues affecting you locally and nationally.   Some of our past guests have been experts from the Heritage Foundation, Governor George Allen of Virginia, Governor Pat McRory of North Carolina, Governor Ehrlich of Maryland, and many other notable guests.   Watch our past shows or tune in Live Wednesday Night at 7:30 pm on YouTube Live

This week\’s Guest Ethan Gutmann, an award-winning China analyst and human-rights investigator, is the author of Losing the New China (Encounter Books, 2004) and The Slaughter (Prometheus, 2014). He has written for publications such as The Wall Street Journal Asia, The Weekly Standard, National Review, and Investor’s Business Daily, while providing testimony and briefings to the United States Congress, the Central Intelligence Agency, the European Parliament, the United Nations, and the parliaments of Ottawa, Canberra, Dublin, Jerusalem, Prague, Edinburgh, and London. A former foreign-policy analyst at the Brookings Institution, Gutmann has appeared on PBS, CNN, BBC, and CNBC. He was recently nominated for the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize.


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