Million MAGA March

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As Far as the Eye Can See, All I see are Supporters of President Trump

As far as I can see standing in front of the Trump International all I can see are peaceful, supporters of President Trump.

The supporters of President Trump have arrived in Washington.  The Silent Majority isn\’t silent anymore.  They are wave Trump flags and the Stars and Stripes.   I spoke with a lady that came all the way from Greenbay, Wisconsin to show her support for President Trump.  She tells me, she wants every legal vote counted.   Went on to explain the Democrat Party has made a mockery of this election.  She goes on to explain she voted for Bill Clinton twice, Al Gore, John Keary, and Obama twice.  She voted for President Trump in 2016 because she agreed with President Trump\’s message about Making America Great Again.  She isn\’t alone many men and women echo her sentiments.


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