Meet the Next Congressman from Maryland’s 6th Congressional District – Neil Parrott

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Meet the Next Congressman from Maryland’s 6th Congressional District – Neil Parrott

\"NeilNeil Parrott currently is the Republican who is running for US Congress in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District which represents Western Maryland and Western Montgomery County.

Neil currently is serving his third term in the Maryland State House of Delegates, who has always held the line on reckless spending.  ​Neil is also the Chairman of which revolutionized the Maryland petition process and took three bad bills to the referendum, so that the people could decide.

Neil is a true friend of the Taxpayers, he has enthusiastically taken the “No, New Taxes Pledge” put out by Americans for Tax Reform a Non-partisan think tank.   Neil will be a true friend to the Taxpayers standing up crazy Washington Spending.  Governor Bob Ehrlich has said “Neil has proven himself a tireless advocate for taxpayers and small businesses. We need people like Neil in Washington, D.C., to reign in reckless spending, to lower taxes, and to exercise fiscal responsibility.” 

Neil’s Priorities

  • Neil will work to fully repeal Obama Care and replace it with a commonsense market-based solution.
  • Supports Opportunity Zones which lower business taxes to help communities like Brunswick, Frederick, Hagerstown, Cumberland, Gaithersburg, and large parts of Garrett County.
  • Votes to fully defund Planned Parenthood; the nation’s largest abortion provider should not receive state or federal taxpayer dollars.
  • Promote business-friendly legislation to help America be productive.
  • Eliminate costly & unnecessary regulations & licensing requirements.
  • Build the wall and enforce illegal immigration laws.

In addition, Neil is a Lifelong Marylander, pro-life advocate, and a proven supporter of traditional family values. Believes in the founding principles of our country: Lower Taxes, Limited Government, and Individual Responsibility. He lives in Hagerstown with his wife of 14 years, April, and their 3 children, Patience, Charity, and Neilson.  Neil by profession is a Civil Engineer and has been a long-time advocate on commonsense transportation solutions, as we say here at the Montgomery County Republican Club, Congress needs more are Engineers.   Engineers are natural problem solvers, and if there was ever a time when Congress needed problem solvers in Congress, this is it NOW!

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