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Jackie Sackstein

2nd Vice President

Jackie Sackstein is the MoCoGOP club 2nd Vice President and Chairman of the Maryland Young Republicans

Meet the New MDYR Chairman

When I moved to Maryland in 2018, thanks to Dwight Patel and Ryan Gniadek sending a targeted Facebook ad for Pizza and Politics, I joined the YRs looking for friends. What I got instead was a family. Sometimes we\’re chaotic, and sometimes we fight, but we are family nonetheless. 

I want to grow this organization and turn it into a family for all young Republicans across this state. Through that camaraderie, we can work together to elect Republicans up and down the ballot in Maryland and be a guiding example for the warring factions of our state party as to how to come together. We are not the future of the Republican party. We are the now of the republican party. 

My vision for the MDYRs is for us to be an effective organization. I want candidates and other auxiliaries to turn to the YRs when they want grassroots help winning an election. I want us to drive meaningful policy discussions that will encourage voters across the state to see that conservative values work and improve the lives of everyone in the community. 

Young Republicans need to stand up and fight for our freedom because this is our country to inherit, and it is up to us to make sure the Democrats and their far-left policies don’t leave us a country in shambles.

Our new board has been hard at work planning several activities including a day of service in memory of Dave Perez, an annual crab feast, a legislative retreat, and several key trainings.

On top of that, with several key seats in play including an open senate seat and an open congressional seat in CD-6, we are highly motivated to get out and make voter contacts for 2024!

I cannot be more excited for the next two years as we spread the conservative message across Maryland and the US.

But we cannot achieve these goals without your help. We are trying to raise $15,000 by June 30. You can help us reach that goal by donating at

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