March 31, 2021 Direct Line W/FMR First Lady Kendel Ehrlich, MD and FMR First Lady Susan Allen, VA

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Direct Line w/Susan Allen, VA and Kendel Ehrlich, MD – The Chesapeake First Ladies

We are joined tonight at our microphones by Former First Lady of Virginia Susan Allen and the Former Maryland First Lady Kendel Ehrlich.

Mrs. Susan Allen served as First Lady of Virginia from 1994-1998 during her husband, George Allen\’s, tenure as the Commonwealth\’s 67th Governor. Raised in Charlottesville, Virginia and the daughter of a pilot in the United States Marine Corp, Susan graduated from the University of South Carolina where she studied business and psychology. Afterward, she pursued a career in marketing and sales in the tourism industry. In 1986, Susan married George Allen (a Virginia House of Delegates member, Congressman, Governor, and U.S. Senator) and began a life of public service.

In 2014, Susan became a published author with a children\’s book entitled \”The Remarkable Ronald Reagan\”. She met the President in the Oval Office in 1987 when her father-in-law invited her and George to join him while presenting a football to Ronald Reagan. She has traveled the country speaking to groups about Reagan\’s life, his influence on and friendship with George and the idea that you can dream big and, in America, watch great things happen.

Mrs. Kendel Ehrlich served as Maryland\’s First Lady from 2003 to 2007.  As Maryland\’s First Lady she executed various initiatives including Take 15 for the Health of It, MD Teen Advisory Council and I Want to Know/Live Clean. Managed and established two non-profits, The Foundation for the Preservation of Government House – raised $365,000 in 4 years, and The Women\’s Heritage Center- the vehicle for Maryland\’s first women\’s history museum. Promoted and supported area non-profits/charities such as hospice and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Recently Mrs. Ehrlich was the Acting Director of Bureau of Justice Assistance, the largest grant provider for the DOJ.

Currently, Kendel co-Hosts the Bottom Line podcast.

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