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Direct Line w/Puneet Ahluwalia

We are joined by Puneet Ahluwalia, candidate for Lt. Governor of Virginia.  Puneet will be sharing his vision for a successful Virginia.

We want all Americans-including our own children and your\’s – to enjoy the freedom and opportunity that have so blessed Nadia and me. We have operated and managed small businesses for many years. We have succeeded, we\’ve failed, and we\’ve succeeded again. We have also seen our businesses destroyed by rioters and looters.

When the law breaks down though, the people hurt most are people of color. Where\’s Ralph Northam? Where\’s Justin Fairfax? All they do is blame Trump, then fade into the background. That\’s not leadership. It\’s finger-pointing. No more excuses.

The policies of progressive Democrats have trapped too many Virginians in poverty, a failed education system, and hopelessness. Virginia can enjoy a brilliant future, but it means holding the line on taxes, reducing unfair regulations, and standing up to those who attack our free enterprise system.

Progressives think we Virginians work for them. It\’s not true. And it\’s time we take back our state and the values we share: hard work, personal responsibility, and love for neighbor. That\’s why I\’m running for Lieutenant Governor. I hope you\’ll join me.


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