How Missle Defense could have prevented the Invasion of Ukraine

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Strategic Defense Initiative

Missile Defense could have prevented the Invasion of Ukraine

SDI was the brainchild of President Reagan who in the 1980s wanted to build a space-based system to knock out Soviet Missiles fired at the US.  The liberals went nuts over how President Reagan wanted to protect us from Soviet Nuclear attacks, which in their minds lead to the conclusion that President Reagan wants to be able to win a nuclear war, and thereby the liberals falsely concluded that President Reagan wanted to start a nuclear war.  The left couldn\’t have been more wrong, but then again the American left has always been on the wrong side of history.

Reagan\’s Missile  Defense Shield

After three Soviet despot leaders died, enter Mikhail Gorbachev, the hero of the left and the man they wrongly credit for the end of the cold war.   Whatever the reason, the Soviets came back the peace talks which they walked out on after the U.S. deployed Pershing II mobile missile system in West Germany in 1983.  When the Soviets walked out, the American liberals were busy blaming President Reagan.  The Soviets did get back to the START Talks after Gorbachev was named Chairman of the Soviet Union in 1989.  Experts agree that there were several reasons the Soviets came back to Start Talks.  One was the failing Soviet Economy, another was the quagmire in Afghanistan, and the most significant reason was SDI.  SDI pushed the Soviets back to the START talks.

I want to visit the American democrats\’ love affair with Gorbachev, but that\’s for a later column.

Fast Forward to 2001

President George W. Bush moved forward with the Strategic Defense Initiative, first proposed by Ronald Reagan in the context of a different competition with the Soviet Union.  Initially conceived as a shield against Soviet missiles, SDI would shield American cities from incoming missiles from rogue nations or terrorists.  By-products of early SDI research include the Patriot Missile System, which was very successful against Iraqi Scud missiles.

A number of politicians on the Sunday morning talk show circuit have complained about the failure of SDI interceptors in 2 of the 3 tests conducted so far.  Even the third test was only partially successful, they say.  Throughout the Bush administration there were many successful SDI tests.  The bottom line is that SDI worked, and some of the bi-products are The Patriot Missile System, AGIS II and other technologies.

With the start of Obama regime, all research was stopped on SDI.  We went 8 years without any real movement forward on SDI. The good news is that President Trump had the good sense to resume SDI research, where we had even more success, including shooting down missiles from ground based interceptors launched from ships at sea.  However, after the Biden Regime took over in 2021, all research on SDI ended.

NOW ITS 2022

Brandon is still in the White House and we have a despotic Russian President Vladimir Putin who is threatening to use Nuclear Missiles on his quagmire in Ukraine.  We have no SDI to act as a shield to protect us, and our allies from Russian nukes.

SDI has been on the drawing board since 1983.  SDI research continued under every Republican Administration, however, was canceled under every recent Democrat regime.  Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Joe Biden all ended all research for SDI.

Just think if we had not stopped and restarted SDI research several times… we\’d have a working space based missile defense system, and wouldn\’t be facing the threats of a Russian madman threatening to nuke our allies.


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