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KJ McKenzie

1st Vice Chair of the Baltimore City Republican Party

1 POSTSKJ McKenzie is the 1st Vice Chair of the Baltimore City Republican Party. She has a BA degree in Political Science and minor in History from UMBC. She is a native Baltimorean and also serves as the Vice Chair of the Maryland Black Republican Council. KJ is also Co-Founder of her own media company, Metro Conservative Media.

    Hidden Forces Behind President Trump’s Indictment

    Originally Posted at \”The Thinking Conservative\”

    Donald Trump’s presidency was characterized by a number of controversial policies and actions, but one area where he stood out was his staunch support for the protection of life in the womb. From his attendance at the March for Life to his appointment of judges who believed that Roe v Wade should be overturned, Trump made it clear that he believed that all life was precious and should be protected.

    In contrast, the legacies of both Barack Obama and Joe Biden have been focused on issues related to the LGBT community, transgender rights, and weakening parental rights. While these are important issues that deserve attention, it is notable that they are all fundamentally opposed to the idea of procreation, which is a key tenet of many religious faiths.

    According to many religious beliefs, God’s definition of marriage is rooted in creation and reflected in Christ’s relationship with the church. This relationship is understood to result in procreation, which forms the basis of the family and has traditionally been seen as the main influence on our children. Trump’s stance on protecting life in the womb was a stark departure from the policies of Obama and Biden, who were seen as attacking traditional notions of the family and procreation.

    The left’s response to Trump’s pro-life stance was intense and vitriolic. This is evidenced by the current indictment of Trump, which many see as a witch-hunt of the likes we have never seen against a former president. While there may be many reasons for this indictment, including Trump’s controversial policies on immigration and foreign relations, it is clear that his stance on protecting life in the womb was a key factor in driving the left’s opposition.

    At its core, Trump’s indictment is an indictment on every man and woman who believes that life starts at conception and should be protected. It is also an indictment on religious freedom and the faith community as a whole. The left’s push for abortion on demand with little to no restraints is fundamentally opposed to the beliefs of many religious people, who see the protection of life as a core part of their faith.

    It is important to note that standing up against Trump’s indictment does not mean that you support Trump or his political stances. Rather, it means that you see beyond the veil and understand that there are forces at play here that have enormous implications for all of us who stand for God and creation. As such, we must continue to fight for the protection of life in the womb and for the rights of all people to practice their religious beliefs without fear of persecution or retribution.

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