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Direct Line w/Tim Fazenbaker

We are joined this evening by Candidate for MDGOP Tim Fazenbaker. He will break down her vision going forward for the MDGOP.

Timothy P. Fazenbaker is a true American.  Born and raised in Baltimore, Tim has seen first-hand how Socialist policies have destroyed this proud city that he calls home.

A graduate of Towson University, Tim has always dreamed big and became an executive at an early age while devoting his life and profession to Mental Healthcare.
While creating jobs within these fields, Tim stood up to fight the cronyism taking place in local government and quickly became a strong voice protecting the American citizen.

Tim believes we need to protect our children, elderly, veterans and those in need first.  This happens when we practice our God given rights to live free and do what we want, providing that we don\’t take away that same right from another.

Watch the Interview LIVE Wednesday @ 7:30 PM EDT  

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