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Delegate Kathy Szeliga

District 7A, Baltimore County

As a wife, mother, grandmother, former educator, and small business owner, Kathy Szeliga understands the challenges facing citizens in Maryland. Married to Mark for more than 42 years, they have 2 married sons and two granddaughters who live in the Baltimore area.

From Kathy\’s Desk

Did you know that the gas tax goes up every July 1st? 

Maryland’s gas taxes are already high. And in a few short months, another 8-10 cents will be added in Maryland gas taxes.  

About 10 years ago, a gas tax increase was passed in Annapolis and the liberals who raised that tax included an automatic increase every year tied to the Consumer Price Index – CPI – or inflation.

This week in Annapolis, we had a chance to stop the automatic gas tax increases.  

Our colleague from St. Marys, Delegate Matt Morgan, proposed an amendment to stop those automatic increases. This amendment would have saved motorists from a $62.5 million tax increase starting on July 1st. His amendment was voted down. It was a party-line vote with Republicans voting yes and all but 2 Democrats voting NO. 

This legislative session we’ve seen time and again impractical and frankly HARMFUL laws that will directly hurt YOU and your family. In this case, at the gas pump.

Can you believe that some Republicans in Annapolis think we should sit down and shut up and just let the Democrats pass all their crazy ideas without fighting back.

What? Stop fighting the tax and spend liberals who are pro-criminal and indoctrinating our children?

What do you think?  Should we back down?

I\’ll be in Annapolis working tirelessly to ensure we get back on the right track. 

Action needed! 
Right now, myself and countless families are VERY concerned with the PUBLIC SCHOOL redistricting attempt, which myself and Del. Ryan Nawrocki wrote about in our op-ed that was published across multiple platforms last week. 
The official survey to state your opinion on the middle school redistricting is LIVE until March 19th!  There are 4 options to consider.  We have received many complaints about the breaking up of communities like Perry Hall, Kingsville, and Jacksonville to name a few.
Be diligent when reviewing the maps for each option!
Click the button down below to fill out the survey! ⬇️

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