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Delegate Kathy Szeliga

District 7A, Baltimore County

As a wife, mother, grandmother, former educator, and small business owner, Kathy Szeliga understands the challenges facing citizens in Maryland. Married to Mark for more than 42 years, they have 2 married sons and two granddaughters who live in the Baltimore area.

From Kathy\’s Desk


I would like to thank those who signed the speed camera petition. We collected over 200 signatures from 49 zip codes.

We have a VICTORY! HB1171 was voted down today in the Baltimore County delegation meeting. Your voices were heard.

To showcase how other measures can be taken to ensure road safety, our office recently reached out to the State Highway Administration after receiving concerns from constituents. There is an intersection at the corner of Belair Road and New Cut Road just south of the Harford County border that has many residents concerned due to the many serious accidents, fatalities, and high speed of vehicles. We have requested a traffic study to be done at the location. The District Engineer responded back that a study will be completed by early May which will include findings and recommendations. We are hopeful that measures like these will ensure the safety of citizens, rather than the numerous concerns that can arise from unlimited speed cameras.

I was very encouraged this week to see the 4-day workweek bill withdrawn! We spoke out on this topic to point out how ludicrous it would be to get paid for 40 hours when only working 32.

I also brought to your attention the call by Governor Moore to decrease funding to the BOOST program providing scholarships for low-income families to attend nonpublic schools. The Governor has been met with great resistance and this week Congressman Andy Harris announced that he intends to seek limitations of federal funding for states that lack or reduce existing school choice programs—including Maryland! I am grateful for the support of Congressman Harris in pushing back on Governor Moore’s budget cuts to BOOST.

Also, one of my bills passed this week in the house with a unanimous vote of 137-0. Authorizing the Board of Physicians to create a new license category called emeritus, similar to a retiree status. Physicians who have cared for patients in Maryland for at least ten years and are ready to retire/stop practicing medicine professionally, may apply for this license. Why do this? So that physicians who have spent their careers caring for patients have the option of a retirement license. Additionally, the Board of Physicians and others can get a better handle on the healthcare workforce shortage. We know our Maryland physicians are aging and we are facing shortages in the near future.We can get a better idea of how serious that physician shortage really is.

With all of this encouraging news, I\’m hopeful that we\’re on track to have a very productive legislative session.

Make Your Voice Heard


You can read more about the PUBLIC SCHOOL redistricting concerns in our op-ed that was published across multiple platforms this week. 

The official survey to state your opinion on the middle school redistricting is LIVE until March 19th!  There are 4 options to consider.  We have received many complaints about the breaking up of communities like Perry Hall, Kingsville, and Jacksonville to name a few.  Be diligent when reviewing the maps for each option!

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