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This Wednesday, September 9, 2020, at 7:30 PM on Direct Line

we are joined by our guest Steve Cordasco, Founder, CEO of Cordasco Financial Network.


We will be joined by Steve Cordasco, Founder, CEO of Cordasco Financial Network.

My fascination with how money works is the foundation for my work today; helping others just like you achieve financial success. It started when I was very young. I developed a strong work ethic and always wanted to be self-sufficient. Earning my own money was important, but investing it and watching it grow was essential.

I had the fortunate opportunity to attend Temple University, at the Fox School of Business, where I studied Finance and Real Estate. During my college years, I was able to apply hard work and grit which I learned at a young age, to win an internship at Butcher and Singer, a premier Philadelphia-based investment banking firm, with deep roots and a solid connection to wealth in the region. Then upon graduation, I was offered a spot in their prestigious financial advisor training program. My formula of hard work, determination and putting the interests of clients first, propelled me to become one of the top advisors at the firm early in my career.

Those long days coupled with my passion to help and educate others on the topic of money, paid off when a local radio station needed someone to fill the position left by legendary talk show host Harry S. Gross, who hosted the “Speaking of your Money” radio show. I took over and started broadcasting “The Big Money Show” which ran for 19 years as a production of CBS. Talking with people one-on-one fueled my passion to help people like you make better financial decisions with their wealth. It also helped me better understand just how important and gratifying educating people about money can be, which quickly became the hallmark of my financial practice. Today, just about all of what you hear on the radio is paid programming and infomercials of investment advisors who pay for commercial air time. This led me to leave CBS radio and forge a new path to educate the public with a more fiduciary approach through podcasting. While podcasting does not offer me the opportunity to interact on a one-on-one basis, I have been able to build a library of over 200 podcasts, which I encourage you to visit.

When I began my career, the industry was Wall Street focused and most financial advisors only had the opportunity to work through Wall Street investment firms. However, I wanted to take a more fiduciary approach with my clients. During the financial collapse and great recession, as big banks and financial institutions started to consolidate and come together, I successfully navigated my client’s wealth through this very trying time. That led me to create my own firm, Cordasco Financial Network, which is built around being a fiduciary, where I could put client interests first.

I enjoy spending time with family, friends and our four dogs along with visiting the beach, boating, sailing, paddle surfing, fishing, cooking and eating.

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