Defeating The Left

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For those of you who have not been living on a remote Pacific island, you well know the Democrat party is no longer the party of John Kennedy whose politics were generally identical to those of  Ronald Reagan. It is not even the party of Hubert Humphrey. The Democrat party has moved steadily to the left since the campaign of George McGovern. It is now almost completely the party of the progressive left.

These members of the progressive left are not interested in politics merely to improve governmental practices and attack social problems. They will lie to lead you to believe that. However, do not be fooled by their lies. They want to “fundamentally” change society and sometimes they accidentally will admit their true intentions.  They are out to create an entirely new order that they label “social justice”.  History has proven that this is a state that is incompatible with human nature and requires furious personal assaults on those humans who oppose them and, if, god forbid, they achieve power it will require the use of force to execute their perverted visions.

Therefore their opponents better understand that Progressives are not in politics to tinker with the existing system. They are in politics to transform how Americans live! Note that they do not see, nor will they acknowledge, that the “socialism” they are promoting has already failed elsewhere.  In fact it has failed everywhere it has been tried! Of course they believe those failures were because the conditions weren’t right and that they were not the ones implementing the doomed programs.

To win elections and to get, or keep, the progressives out, Republicans have to wage an equally emotional campaign that puts the aggressors on the defensive and indicts them in the same moral language they spew forth about Republicans.

There are certain “Tactical Principles” that Republicans must become more adept at, and willing to use to be successful;

Republicans must:

– put aggressors on defense:

  – throw the victims, of their doomed programs in their faces;

How is that achieved?

By attacking Dems and Progressives for their war against minorities and the poor and exposing their empty promises and hypocrisy;

By continually focusing messaging on the progressive betrayal of the people they pretend to support; For example; turn around the accusation of the Conservative “war on women” by pointing out the numbers of women on food stamps; number of single mothers on welfare; fact that health care costs have skyrocketed since the passage and implementation of Obama Care;  the fact that women and  blacks have lower wages for same work; that women and blacks are promoted less often, etc

Go negative and attack the left’s education cabal.  Demonstrate how schools in heavily Democrat cities and counties are failing; How teachers’ unions and administrators supported by the left lobby to for higher wages, stronger labor protections, with little/no concern for students. Demonstrate how unions fight against valuable “competition” in education. Demonstrate how unions resist the idea of giving vouchers to every student in America and the creation of a “scholarship” program for every student from kindergarten to college.

To effect positive changes Republicans will have to take positions that seem unrealistic and maybe even extreme. Republicans must evolve from a debating society to a political force that can defeat the Democrat politics of personal and political destruction.  In other words, Republicans have to develop a political weapon that can defeat the left’s politics of personal and political destruction.

How must that be done? Match their rhetoric and style; punch them in the mouth and make them forget their game plan. Shove their victims in their faces.

Remember these principles:

  1. Politics is war conducted by other means;
  2. The aggressor usually prevails
  3. Weapons of this war are symbols used by the aggressor that evoke fear and hope
  4. Victory lies on the side of the people.

If you have questions about execution remember these “ War Rules for Patriots”

1> Know the enemy

Know your enemy, his intentions, his weapons, and his weaknesses and use them against him

Have no illusions about the nature of the enemy; they will NOT pivot toward the “center”. They will lie about it but will never actually pivot.

Forget Political Correctness and speak your mind; no matter what the consequences

2> Combat with the Enemy

Use their weapons against them; train a cadre of faux lefties and pretend to be like them; develop your own network of spies, infiltrators and fifth columnists’

Mock them at every turn; use the phrases, “you can’t possibly believe that “, “Everyone knows that Obama Care is a fraud ;”

“You’re not really…still a Democrat are you?

Forget being liked; force them to argue facts and not emotions; take the battle to them at every opportunity; never cede anything;

Treat them with the same contempt with which they treat you. Do you ever see them reaching across the aisle?

Call them out, each and every time; the Left’s strategy is to hollow out the USA from within, attacking its intellectual foundations, distorting its history, hamstringing its institutions when not capturing and co-opting them outright, and finally causing the whole structure to collapse of its own weight.

3> Weapons and Warriors

Every scandal should be pounded into the skulls of the American public;

Give no quarter; fight like they do to the end.

Get back into the media game; take the fight, not to the “letters” column, but to your own web site;

Refuse to accept their premises; challenge every premise (ie, illegals commit less crime than legals…..) and expose the true nature and consequences for real people;  do not let them make a single statement that is not challenged;

Refuse to go along with their reflexive indictments of everything we stand for;

Refuse to accept guilt as they routinely accuse that you “don’t know what the second amendment really means or that everything that hurts their feelings is hate speech.

Get rid of RINOS and look for Spartans;

Recruit Candidates who are explicitly committed to rolling back the leftist programs

Refuse to play along; refuse to be bullied by a bunch of high school principals who couldn’t hold a real job if Enron was still hiring and Paul Krugman was head of HR.

4> Principles for Survival

Principles are what count. Once you abandon them you’re through. Forget about programs. Forget about PC.

Mean it! Either we are all in this together or we’re not;

“Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice and moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

Either America succeeds as humanity’s last best hope or we are just another failed state in the hands of the Communists.

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