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CNN'S Latest Bombshell, Scaramucci Says He will vote for Biden.

CNN’S Latest Bombshell, Scaramucci Says He will vote for Biden

You can be forgiven if you don’t remember that Anthony Scaramucci worked in the Trump administration. It’s only fair to offer such leniency since Scaramucci only worked for Trump for 10 days until he was fired. My guess is that Scaramucci has spent more time bashing Trump (doing friendly mainstream media interviews) than he actually spent working for him.

On Sunday, Jim Acosta host of “CNN Newsroom” decided it was newsworthy to bring on Scaramucci to reveal who would he support for President. Don’t we all wonder who he will vote for? Yes, let’s convince ourselves that its newsworthy, since he once worked for Trump. Well, if that is the criteria, then to be consistent, Tara Reede once worked for Joe Biden, I wonder if Acosta will bring her on his show and ask her who she is voting for in 2024. But I digress.

Of course, Acosta didn’t bring up Scaramucci’s firing and the possibility of an axe to grind, to borrow and expression. He also didn’t ask if Scaramucci also voted for Biden in 2020, although Scaramucci let that slip out when he said, “We (I assume he meant Acosta as well) are going to have to work even harder than we did in 2020.”

The interview reminded me of a late-night infomercial. You have seen them, where the host and guest are working together to advance their claims. The hosts main job is to listen for the key soundbite and if he doesn’t get it, he asks another question to illicit it.

At first Scaramucci said, “We need to back the Democrats.” Acosta then followed up with a question to make sure Scaramucci specified voting for Biden. Acosta said, “Am I hearing you right, that you plan to vote for Joe Biden.”

Scaramucci then responded in the affirmative, “Yes, 100 percent.” He then offered a self-congratulatory assertion, “I am a patriot first, and partisan second.” By partisan he meant to say that he was a Republican.

Of course, Scaramucci was brought on to push the “threat to democracy” line. It’s the latest narrative that the entire mainstream media is pushing.

Scaramucci told Acosta, referring to an interview that Trump did with Sean Hannity, that Trump said, “He would be a dictator on day 1.” This is a good example of the media twisting Trump’s words.

Trump said on day one he would sign a number of executive orders, which all Presidents do, specifically Trump said that he would sign orders that will in effect close the Border and open up drilling. He then said, “after that I am not going to be a dictator.” It was a very Trumpian answer, over the top, but done to make a point and also tweak the media and his critics. The point, he was trying to emphasize just how serious he is about stopping the Biden inspired invasion at our southern border.

I would point out that on Biden’s first day in office the number of executive orders he signed were more numerous than Trump’s in 2017.

Scaramucci also claimed that Trump would “use the justice department” to go after his political enemies. Ironically, Joe Biden’s justice department is prosecuting Biden’s political opponent Donald Trump. If there is a clearer example of going after your opponent then to allow your administration to prosecute him, I don’t know what it could be.

The media can’t defend Biden’s record, they know it, and doubt that they would even try to, so they are left with attacking Trump, not so much over policy, but rather as a “threat to democracy.” Assert that he is a potential “dictator” along the lines of Hitler and Mussolini.

I have noticed that they, the media, keep it vague. How will Trump end democracy or become a dictator. They never go into specifics. It is always left to the voter’s imagination.

So, I wonder how exactly will Trump be a dictator?

Well, will he sign over 100 executive orders to bypass Congress like Biden has done? Will he bypass Congress, and declare that college students don’t have to pay back their federally backed student loans? Will he waive existing law to allow millions of aliens to come into the country? Will, he decide to not enforce our immigration laws? Will he sue Texas for defending the border, even though a majority of Texans want it done? Will he push to get rid of the Senate filibuster to make it easier to get his bills through Congress as Biden did? Will he mandate Americans have to wear masks; will he mandate Americans get another vaccination shot? Will he seek to pack the courts with friendly judges, as Biden wouldn’t rule out in the 2020 campaign.

My guess is that Trump won’t do any of those things, and further he will reverse everything Biden has done, hence he is a threat to democracy!

David Shephard is the author ‘Elections Have Consequences; A Cautionary Tale.

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