Bob Ehrlich: Coronavirus Offering Students a New Opportunity To Learn

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Governor Bob Ehrlich, Maryland 2002 – 2006

Millions of America’s best and brightest students have returned home only midway through their spring semester.

Their coursework will continue, of course, as online education assumes center stage for the foreseeable future. Only those of us of a certain age recall how “distance learning” was once such a curiosity.

The considerable downside of this course of events is obvious, especially for the talented athletes and artistic types forced to miss their spring performances or games. A special sadness is reserved for the seniors, most of whom will choose to forgo their final opportunity to compete again next year even if given the option.

The upside of this new normal for America’s undergraduates is an opportunity to step back and re-examine newly acquired opinions, to think anew — maybe even begin to question some of the progressive indoctrination they have been force-fed by overwhelmingly leftist professors in the social sciences and humanities and their administrative enablers. <more>

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