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Becky Norton Dunlop

Direct Line w/Becky Norton Dunlop

This week’s guest, Becky Norton Dunlop, played a pivotal role in Ronald Reagan’s presidency as his deputy assistant for presidential personnel, among other high-ranking positions she held within the administration. Her crucial contributions to shaping the team through strategic hiring decisions underscored her ideal fit for the role, thanks to her extensive background as a seasoned grass-roots activist who began her career at the American Conservative Union immediately after college. Dunlop’s career trajectory also includes significant roles in former Virginia Governor George Allen’s administration and her current position as the Heritage Foundation’s Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow.

This brings us to an intriguing discussion point: the current status of Reaganism. In a political climate that often references Ronald Reagan more than any other modern figure, questions arise about the endurance of conservative philosophy and policies. Reagan’s legacy continues to be a significant point of reference, but how do his ideals and policy frameworks fare in today’s complex political landscape? Becky Norton Dunlop, with her deep connections to Reagan’s philosophies, is an exemplary source to explore these questions.

Despite acknowledging the challenges facing the conservative movement, including a need for rejuvenation, Dunlop offers an optimistic viewpoint. She highlights the strength of the intellectual foundation of American conservatism, emphasizing a broad understanding and support for the Founders’ vision, the principles of free enterprise, and the pursuit of limited government. According to Dunlop, the key to sustaining order and economic freedom lies in nurturing a culture that imparts values to the younger generation, enabling them to become responsible and productive citizens.

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