America at a Crossroad – Two Possible Futures for America

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America at a Crossroad – Two Possible Futures for America

Two Possible Futures for America

First Outcome – a Biden Presidency with a Democrat House and Senate

Imagine that it’s November 4, 2020, and you read the headlines in the Washington Post: “Joe Biden elected President, Democrats Hold the House and Take the US Senate!”  Democrats would control all the levers of power in Washington.

Almost immediately, after nauseating love fest in the leftist media and Inauguration Day, we will see Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer ramrod Bernie Sanders’ radical agenda in the Senate, and Pelosi will rubber stamp the agenda.

Single-payer health care (Medicare for all)

Say goodbye to health care plans as you know them, and hello to a Single-payer system where bureaucrats and politician will determine what kind of healthcare you get.  Bring on the death panels!  Say goodbye to elderly family members who will be denied life saving drugs, and instead they will have pain management.  Sorry, 70-year-old grandma who needs a new hip — you aren’t going to get one under a Biden presidency since actuarial tables will say that you’ll be dead soon and we don’t need to spend that money on you. They’d rather spend that money to pay for Abortions on demand.

Small Businesses

Do you take pride in your small business?  Or do you have a favorite watering hole?  Well, with a Biden Presidency, get ready to pay $15.00 per hour for everyone, including part-time workers, and mandatory paid leave.  Studies by the Cato Institute, Heritage foundation, and the NFIB have all stated a $15 dollar minimum wage would decimate small and medium-size businesses that can’t afford to pass the cost along to its customers.  McDonald\’s, Burger King, and Taco Bell will be just fine, and sure you’ll pay $5 for a Big Mac. But what do we care, because politicians in Washington will be feeling good even though they’re inevitably putting those lower-wage folks out of work, as McDonald\’s, Burger King and Taco Bell may just decide to fire 75% of their employees and replace them with kiosks.   After all, stop complaining because our government forced your boss to give you $15.00/hour that he couldn’t legitimately pay you to remain a sustainable business!

If only it stopped there, but many farmers can say goodbye with the onerous regulations from the EPA that will surely hit their family farms, and few will be left standing after the crushing $15.00 minimum wage.  The EPA will define anything to be a wetland — if you are a cranberry farmer, the cranberry bogs you put in, that weren’t there prior, will be defined as a wetland.   That little area on your farm where water collects — that’s another wetland.  The irrigation ditch you decided to put in will be defined as a stream, with more regulations.

Hold on there city slickers, the EPA is going after you too!  Remember Martin O’Malley’s “rain tax”? Well, this will become a federal fee put out by the EPA that will calculate water runoff and hit you with a nice bill.  If you own a car dealership or office building with a large parking lot, get ready for a Federal Rain Tax!

Taxes and Jobs

Do you like being able to take more of YOUR money home every week? Well, Joe Biden wants that money to pay for abortions, bridges to nowhere, and mating habits of Asian giant hornets.  On top of this is the fact that overall taxes will go up for most Americans.  Also, remember the $15.00 universal minimum wage that was a big piece of the Sanders campaign, and has now become a key focal point of a Joe Biden regime, will cause inflation.  Everything from a gallon of milk, to a loaf of bread, will go up along with your taxes.  And by forgiving college loan debt and offering free college, guess who is going to be paying for it?  You, Joe the taxpayer!

Around the World

Over the last 4 years, President Trump has done a great job internationally, and moved the US Embassy from Telavi to Jerusalem.  He got NATO members to pay more of their fair share for the defense of Europe.  He made friends where foes use to be.  We are in leadership around the world.  Sure, the weak at the knee socialists in Europe may not be happy with President Trump, but after all, they are a kin to the Squad and the Democrat Party.

Get ready for leading from behind in Joe Biden’s regime, for starters. The anti-Israel policy of the radical left will take center stage.  Look for the reconstituting of terrorists.  President Trump has ISIS and other terrorists’ organizations on the run, whereas the Biden regime will surely give aide and comfort to enemies of the US and Israel.

In Short, a Biden-Harris-Pelosi-Schumer regime would be a nightmare, at best!   It would be the end of America as we know it.  We will look more like Nicolae Ceausescu’s Romania than Ronald Reagan’s America.

Outcome #2

We wake up November 4, 2020, to Joe and Mika with tears running down their faces, Rachel Maddow foaming at the mouth, and CNN’s Chris Cuomo and the rest of the bunch all weepy from the re-election of President Donald Trump.  And, of course, the rioters will be out in full force!

So what will the 2nd Term for President Trump look like?

For small businesses, we can see more deregulating, and lowering the tax burden on these Mom and Pop businesses.  Less regulation would mean more money for expansion or to hire more employees.  Small businesses are the engine of the majority for all new job creation in America.  President Trump would veto any legislation pushing for a universal minimum wage, as well as Medicare for all; In place, we will have common sense market-based solutions for health care, regulations, and taxes.

As for the family farm that Joe Biden and the Democrats would essentially shut down, under President Trump, those farms will expand and stay in the family for another generation.  Farmers will be able to grow more food as a result of no more EPA suits coming down that tell the farmer what he can plant, and where he can plant on his property.

I know I touched on lower taxes but, but I need to drive this home again.  With Trump, we can see MORE Americans taking MORE money home.  As a result, they can use this money for savings, investing in our stock markets, buying a new home, or whatever tickles their fancy.

At the end of the day, America has an important choice this November 3, 2020.  You can vote for prosperity and capitalism, or you can vote for Communism light.  I hope you find this to be a simple choice.

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