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A-Pillar of the Maryland GOP and American Political Scene

David N. Bossie, a prominent figure within the Maryland GOP and the national political landscape, has carved out a remarkable career spanning over two decades. As the long-standing president of Citizens United and the Citizens United Foundation, Bossie\’s influence and contributions to American politics have been profound and multifaceted. His strategic acumen and dedication have seen him play pivotal roles in key political campaigns and initiatives, shaping the direction of conservative politics in the United States.


Born in Boston and a graduate of the University of Maryland, Bossie\’s journey into the heart of American politics began with his grassroots involvement and commitment to public service. His early career was marked by over 15 years of volunteer service as a firefighter in Montgomery County, Maryland, demonstrating his dedication to community and service from the outset.


Under Bossie\’s leadership, Citizens United has become synonymous with significant legal and political milestones. Perhaps most notably, in 2010, Bossie led the organization to a landmark victory in the Supreme Court case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. This decision, which struck down previous restrictions on free speech, underscored Bossie\’s commitment to defending First Amendment rights and has had a lasting impact on the landscape of political campaigning in the United States.


In addition to his political endeavors, Bossie has made substantial contributions to documentary filmmaking through Citizens United Productions. With a portfolio of 25 documentaries, including award-winning films about Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan, Bossie has used the medium to explore and celebrate significant historical and political figures, extending his influence beyond traditional political arenas.


Bossie\’s expertise and strategic insight have been sought after in multiple presidential campaigns. His roles have included Deputy Campaign Manager for Donald J. Trump in 2016, Senior Advisor to Trump/Pence in 2020, and Senior Strategist for the re-election of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2020. Following the success of the Trump campaign, Bossie was appointed Deputy Executive Director for the Trump-Pence Transition Team, highlighting his critical role in shaping the administration\’s early days.

His contributions were further recognized by President Trump through appointments to the Commission on Presidential Scholars and The Department of Defense Business Board, showcasing the trust and reliance placed on Bossie within the highest levels of government.


Bossie\’s insights into politics have also been channeled into authorship, with seven books to his name, including two New York Times bestsellers co-authored with Corey R. Lewandowski. His writings provide a compelling insider\’s view of political campaigning and strategy, solidifying his position as a key thought leader in American politics.

In recognition of his contributions and influence, Bossie was ranked number two in Politico\’s top 50 most influential people in American politics in 2015. He serves his second term as the Republican National Committeeman from Maryland, underscoring his ongoing commitment to the GOP and conservative values.


David N. Bossie\’s career reflects a steadfast dedication to conservative principles, free speech, and political innovation. His work has not only impacted the direction of the Maryland GOP but has also left a lasting mark on the national political landscape. As he continues to shape political discourse and strategy, Bossie\’s legacy as a key figure in American politics is undeniably secure, characterized by his contributions to political campaigns, legal battles for free speech, and insightful commentary on the state of the nation.

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