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As you know, those of us who love this country have faced a non-ending series of efforts to destroy our Republic by destroying the presidency of Donald Trump. Now we are facing another threat, one that was not created by the Left but, you can be assured they are using it to maximum advantage, again, in their crazed state of mind to get rid of the President. 

            Why, who really knows. Donald Trump is the first President in a generation not to come from the class of political elites who have been trying for decades to turn our Western Christian Republic into an egalitarian democracy made up of all the tribes, races, creeds and cultures of planet Earth. They have dethroned our God, purged our faith from public life, repudiated the Judeo-Christian moral code by which previous generations sought to live, and have damaged institutions necessary for a functioning Republic including schools, universities, churches, and the courts.

They have declared men and women to be basically the same, that all voluntary sexual relations are morally equal, that the traditional family is but one social option, that race is a social construct invented by bigots bent on repressing others and that all are endowed with the intelligence and ability to succeed in the most competitive society on earth. They will fight to ensure a mosque is built at Ground Zero with the same ferocity as they will to ensure that no nativity scene ever appears on the National Mall or to ensure that our border are always open and welcoming to illegal aliens.

The secular elites and, clearly, the Left believe in this revolution. The people never did. Middle America detests what is happening, and thinks the country has lost its mind. That is why we must stand with the President and do everything we can to help him save the country and restore America. Together, we have the power to achieve this. We know because we have seen it done before.  The Tea Party organized locally and was able to convince its own members of Congress to reject Obama’s agenda.

In Montgomery County, it will not be easy. The county leadership is, and has been for years, dominated by left leaning Democrats at all levels of government.  Our challenge is first; to get our members of the legislature and Congress to listen to a small vocal, dedicated group of patriots. This guide is intended to be useful for stiffening conservative resolve, or to weaken the resolve of the left by providing activities and tips for communication with public officials.

The following is a brief summary of the proposed organizational and operational aspects for conservative groups in the County.

  1. Strategy Components: a) the groups must be localized, in constant communication with each other, and all members dedicated to devoting significant personal time and resources; b) groups must be dedicated to a “defensive” strategy with extraordinary clarity of purpose, and united in opposition to the policies, proposals and pontifications of the left at the national and local level.  The focus on defense rather than policy development will avoid internal arguments and fracturing of group resolve. c) groups must commit to a proactive strategy including; 1) showing up at representatives town hall meetings and demanding answers; 2) showing up at representative offices and demanding a meeting to discuss issues; 3) groups must coordinate routine blanket calling of representative offices at key points in time (supposedly while considering new legislation or proposals for legislation by various interest groups, etc). Plan to make multiple calls by multiple members; 4) groups must make point of joining other groups that support opposition to representatives and their policies to which we are mutually opposed.
  2. Group Organization; a) email contacts and post messages on social media announcing that the group is being formed; b) meet to articulate and agree on basic objectives; c) assign specific roles for members (attending events and town halls; recording events and town halls; asking questions at events; making phone calls; writing op-eds; writing letters, emails, tweets, etc to representatives, managing social media software and communication; d) adopt means of intra-group communication; e) always work to expand group with like-minded and motivated members.
  3. Advocacy Tactics; a) gather basic intel including representatives phone #s, web sites, office locations, contact information; b) sign up for Reps emails communications, newsletters, and propaganda to understand what they are saying, where they stand on issues and their voting history. c) research big campaign contributors; d) research what news outlets say about the representative and his/her policy positions; e) join opposition groups “under cover” to learn and understand their policies and programs in order to effectively counter their initiatives. This is basic “opposition research 101”; f) before an event reach out to the representative(s) and explain why the group is protesting; g) provide  local reporters with background materials and a quotes of group’s position.
  4. Social Media Campaigns; run continuous media exercises including petitions and fund raising drives, emails, tweets, etc to the Representatives, communication chains challenging opposition positions.

Of course these are only tips which may appear to be obvious to more experienced advocates. However, my objective is have Sons of Liberty awaken concerned patriots and remind them/you that we must begin to take action now to shore up conservative principles especially in light of the disruptions of the Trump agenda at all levels of government. We cannot allow the left to secure electoral victories because of a virus imported from China or because we were asleep at the wheel and/or sit back and blame the fact that we are outnumbered and therefore cannot do anything.

There are a number of active conservative groups in Montgomery County. None of these groups aggressively pursue all the above activities. We are in a “War” with the left and I want Sons of Liberty  to not only aggressively pursue strategies to defeat the left and, as required, to accomplish “undercover” and “opposition research” activities that assist in achieving victory. If that interests you please email me at BillRichbourg@gmail.com.

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