2020 State of the Union

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Next Tuesday, President Trump will deliver his last State of the Union for his first term.  President Trump has likely been the most transformative President since, President Reagan.  Just as President Reagan said No, to Détente (the peaceful coexistence with the Evil Empire).  President Reagan set out to WIN the Cold War.  The US Challenged the spread of communism in our hemisphere, he funded the Freedom Fighters in Nicaragua and supported the pro-democratically elected Government in El Salvador.  When it was learned the Communists, backed by Cuba, President Reagan took decisive action and flipped the first domino in our Hemisphere from going Red.  On October 25, 1983, the liberation of Grenada would begin.  That wasn’t the last domino to flip.  By the end of President Reagan’s second term, the Evil Empire was on its knees.  We saw the largest peacetime growth in the US Economy, Jobs were abundant.

Flash forward to 2016.  President Trump is elected President in the wee hours of the morning.  The leftist media was cringing as the Big BLUE Wall came crashing down, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan elected President Trump.  From Day one the leftists were attempting to thwart his presidency, there was no honeymoon period for President Trump. 

Despite the Democrats in the House and Senate and their accomplices in the left-wing media, President Trump has created (not created or saved) CREATED 6.5 Million jobs since 2017; The Average American family has been able to keep their $2,200  as a result of Part 1; 176  Onerous Regulations Eliminated FY2018 Saving taxpayers, $23 Billion; 8700 Opportunity zones created.  These are just a few we have a list of President Trump’s Top 10 as well as the accomplishments he has made despite having his hands tied by Congress.  Just imagine what would have been accomplished if Congress worked with the President?

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