12 Warnings for Trump Supporters if Biden Survives the Courts and the Recounts

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12 Warnings for Trump Supporters if Biden Survives the Courts and the Recounts

Approximately half the country has concerns about how vote counting was conducted in a number of the most important swing states. Lack of transparency, computer glitches and (quite possibly) some old-fashioned fraud will keep us in suspense for the next few weeks. As they say, let\’s hope every legal vote is counted.

Should Biden/Harris be certified the winner, things are going to change in a hurry – and flyover America\’s 72.3 million deplorables will be in for a rough ride. Accordingly, in the realm of what I was taught in law school (always prepare for the worst), here are a few warnings for the Trump army:

A \”dark winter\” awaits – and nuns forced to pay for birth control is only the half of it. Religious freedom was on the ballot, and it lost. Now, religious conviction is at serious risk as disproportionately influential secular progressives press their advantage within the progressive movement.

Look for campus-style \”speech codes\” coming to the private sector and increased repression of speech on the grounds of our colleges and universities. The long-term trend in support of our First Amendment freedoms is not a good one. Throw in the propensity of Big Tech to tilt the (speech) playing field and the failure of traditional liberals to join the free speech campaign, and we are confronted with a real cultural crisis.

The \”1619 Project\” just trumped the \”1776 Project.\” Parents must now take the initiative. Your child\’s education is at risk. As more parents become active in turning back the woke tide in school board politics, it is well and good to recall the wisdom of President Ronald Reagan: \”We\’ve got to teach history based on not what\’s in fashion but what\’s important. If we forget what we did, we won\’t know who we are.\” Wow.

Your road just got more difficult. Expect the usual intolerance from the progressive left: \”race traitor,\” \”sellout,\” \”token,\” etc. Your best defense: Donald J. Trump\’s record on minority empowerment. It has been outstanding. Reference it and defend it.

No warm cookies, crying sessions, group hugs, or days off for you. Your campuses are chock-full of snowflakes, those intolerant purveyors of identity politics. Time to organize, engage and prepare for 2022.

Remember, there are plenty of freedom-based nonprofits ready, willing and able to provide advice and protection. Be less bashful about voicing dissent. Liberal schools bank on your silent acquiescence.

It is long past time to rethink your annual giving contributions to schools that refuse to guarantee philosophical and ideological diversity within their faculties. Stopping the dollar spigot is about the only way to get their attention. Do it: It\’s easier than you think.

Time to engage with young people. Most young Americans have no idea what socialism does to the human spirit. You have done an effective job of spreading the message in South Florida and South Texas. It is now time to spread your wings to other venues – especially our college campuses.

Congratulations – you were an essential part of the Biden coalition. Your Lincoln Project raised a reported $67 million. You accordingly have ownership of what will now unfold; no backtracking for you. Just sayin\’.

It is long past time to make the party switch. Your parents and grandparents will assuredly forgive you. After all, the Democratic Party left you, not the other way around. For those still on the bubble, please take a few minutes to read the Democratic Party platform for 2020. This should clear your mind.

likely GOP Senate will kill the worst inclinations of the Bernie/Elizabeth crowd. Still, odds are that the people who will now regulate your business have never spent a day in the private sector. But, rest assured, they know what is best for you and your bottom line.

A few of you may be wondering what happened to the long-running marriage between the GOP and the Chamber of Commerce. The short answer: Trump happened. You see, an America-first, main-street-focused populist movement was never going to be an easy fit with big business.

Multinational enterprises see big profits in China (just ask the NBA) – and the Great Disruptor was never going to let up on a regime that has made an art of stealing our intellectual property for the last forty years – let alone unleashing a killer pandemic on the world.

The totalitarians in Beijing have regained an old ally in the China-friendly Biden. U.S. policy will now reflect that fact: John Kerry-style diplomacy is back in vogue. I suggest you continue to court traditional Republicans and human-rights Democrats to your cause. And good luck; you\’re gonna need it. China is not well known for contrition.

A final note: Recent reports of \”outing\” Trump campaign lawyers and calls for a blacklist of senior staff is not all bad news. Such tactics smack of deep insecurities and desperation. How else to diagnose those who attempt to silence the loyal opposition?


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